About The Artisans

We began working with a small number of skilled artisans, from my garage. Today artisans are still just as integral to every product we produce for you. The artisan is an important factor in the equation of society and culture. The Village communities of craftsman have always been the center of the traditional crafts.
Since the beginning, we have placed artisans first, committing to providing them with sustained work and ensuring fair wages for their skills.
Artisans with bad eyesight can't work with lighter colors so we ask them to make products in higher contrast patterns, so they can continue to work. We are thankful to our customers who ask us to work on simpler designs so that artisans can sustain work and continue to enjoy it. With your support, artisans have been able to uplift their financial conditions. With our fair-trade and wage practice they can pay for children's education and continue supporting their family.
JaipurSe being a #womanowned company lays importance in woman empowerment and empowering every woman of rural India by giving her access to a sustainable livelihood at her doorstep. The greatest challenge in these women artisans’ lives is commuting to work and back. One of the key differentiator of our work model is providing the artisan the ability to not only work from home but to send the work to them.
There are now many women whom we assist financially in vocational training.
We also provide life insurance and scholarships for many artisan families.
We work in sync with several women led Not for Profit organisations and provide continuous work to them.