HandCrafting Techniques

HandBlock Printing The Handblock is carved by first tracing the design on a block of wood which is then handcarved and chiseled to perfection by a master carftsman. This creates the stamp of the design for print. The carvers have no professional training or education in sculpture , but have learnt the art down the generation from their fore fathers. The Block of wood is then dipped in oil and processed for 3-4 days. 

HandBlock printing is the most fascinating and old form of printing. To print the fabric , the block is dipped in dye and stamped hard onto the fabric by hand. It is done with utmost precision. We use vegetable colors or printing mostly as they are natural and do not harm the environment and is totally safe for the skin.

After the printing is done, the fabric is washed, conditioned to ensure color fastening and softening of the fabric. The fabric is then hung to dry in natural sun.

Hand Applique is a technique wherein two layers of fabric are placed together and the top sheet is cut into designs and folded in and handstitched to create an applique. Alternatively, a fabric patch can be cut into a design and stitched on top of another fabric to create a top applique look.

Hand Embroidery is done by our women artisan network. A design is traced on teh fabric and then embroidery patterns are created using a needle and thread. Embroidery may also incorporate other materials like sequins, pearls, stones and beads.

Hand Fabric painting is painting motifs on fabric with fast fabric paint colors or vegetable dye color paints

Kantha is a technique wherein two pieces of fabric (usually old saris) are stacked together and fine running stitch is done by hand on it. Kantha fabrics are used to make quilts, bedspreads, throws, cushion covers, table linens, clothing and accessories . They are popular is cotton and in silk.

Crochet is a knitting technique and a lot of products like Clothing, shrugs, baby shoes, scarves, blankets, doilies, runners, table mats, handcrafted jewelry, hair accessories, stoles, paper clips, curtains, cushion covers, laces are made from crochet

At JaipurSe we use most of these HandTechniques for our customers.